4 Ways You Can Get Though A Breakup For Men

According to one popular ditty, “Breaking up really is hard to do”; and this is true.Ending a relationship is one of life’s happenings that cause so much pain.Whether you initiate the break-up or its victim, you will experience emotional turmoil for periods of time.

Reasons for calling it quits

There are some long-standing reasons why even long relationships fail –

  • Bad habits as too much drinking, drugs, gambling, etc.
  • Not ready for a relationship.
  • Too much arguments or fighting.
  • Wanting only a sexual relationship.
  • Not able to get over a previous relationship.
  • There is someone else.
  • Money matter.
  • Too high maintenance.

Remember to consider this point – no matter what the reason was, you know that you are better off out of a bad relationship than inside one

4 tips to overcome a break- up

Men who have recently broken upfrom a long-term partner that have felt comfortable with, are often the most tragic victim. They feel shocked by a breakup, as it was most unexpected.  They are intensely emotional especially during the first few weeks of the break-up.

Here are 4 tips to get through this stormy period in your life:

1. Keep busy.

Activities will keep your mind focused on something that develops a better personality as doing more work out; learning new skills in ballroom dancing, cooking or learning a new language; or getting back into some hobbies. Take time to develop a better self.

2. Reconnect with your friends.

Talking to your best friends including your break-up is good therapy. It is not necessarily a confession; just a little is good outlet as keeping your emotions inside tends to elevate emotions of shame, embarrassment, and loneliness.

More in-depth conversations with a friend is helpful, especially one with the same experience; as most people have been there.

3. Go back to nature.

Take life back to the nature’s ways – sans commercials; forget about the social media; forego fast food; and online games. Go to a completely naturally isolated venue, Embrace the natural beauty of nature and remember those days before you were in a relationship.

4. Be the man you always wanted to be.

Revitalize your masculinity; although you are not expected to become a superman or be transformed into the “alpha male.” But express your inner manliness that makes you what you want to be.

What do women love?

  • Guys that exude a quite confident sense of self-possession.
  • Their presence resonates well with the opposite sex.
  • Manly confidence people will feel when he enters a room.
  • He will own the spaceas opposed to merely occupying it.

More than just tips

If your break-up is something that you cannot get over and is a source of anxiety and emotional problems, he needs to, get professional help. See your relationship therapist or psychologist. You will be assisted to understand and accept past relationship patterns. Gain great benefit from just a few sessions with these professionals to understand your situation. If you think you might be depressed you should definitely have sessions with them…

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