5 Genuine Reasons Why Bottled Water Should Be Avoided

Bottled water is a common sight these days. You can find bottled water right from 200ml to 20L. As it is convenient, people prefer buying it when they need as against carrying water when they go out. In real terms, this convenience comes at a big price that not only we but also the future generations will have to pay for.

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Let us see some of the reasons why you should avoid bottled water:

  1. Plastics Are Not Good for Health: PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is considered to be a safe plastic, but it also has porous and harmful chemicals which leach into the water stored in it. These chemicals are detrimental to health and are hormone disruptors. This leaching can enhance as the plastic ages or if it is exposed to heat and sunlight. Some of the plastics contain a chemical called BPA, which can cause cancer, diabetes and reproductive development disorders.
  1. Expensive Alternative: It is a costly affair as a litre of water can cost you INR 20 on an average. Instead of putting your money down the drain, isn’t it better that you go for a water purification unit and carry hygienic water with you when you go out? It comes out quite cheap too, probably a fraction of what you would pay for bottled water.
  1. An Irreparable Damage to the Environment: Once you gulp down water from the bottle, you just throw it in the trash. Do you know that it ultimately ends up somewhere in the landfill or the ocean causing irreparable damage to the environment? They are a big problem for the marine life, animals and birds too. There is nearly 1.5 million tons of plastic waste generated by water bottles alone every year. To produce these bottles that we simply put in trash, nearly 47 million gallons of oil is used. Though they can be recycled, nearly 80% of the bottles find their way to the trash owing to the lack of awareness.
  1. Quality Can Be Doubtful: You can never be sure of the quality of bottled water. You have no clue where that water has come from or how it is treated. It might also be possible that a fraudster could be refilling the bottles of a well-known brand with tap water. Bottled water comes under FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is not as restrictive as EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), which issues really strict guidelines for tap water.
  1. Bottled Water Leads to Less Attention to Public Water Systems: People often switch to bottled water because they have concerns about the purity of water that comes to their homes. Having access to safe and clean drinking water is a mandatory requirement for all humans and only a small percentage of the population can shift to bottled water. We need to make the public water systems strong enough so that they can provide safe and clean drinking water. But, with more and more bottled water companies entering the market, the focus to improve the public systems gets compromised.

Looking at all the above reasons, refraining from using bottled water is in your own interest. Try to carry your own water when you go out and use water purification systems. The government should also focus on making the public water systems more robust so that the need for bottled water doesn’t arise in the first place.

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