Botox is widely known for cosmetic purposes. It is usually used by A listed celebrities as well as top ranked models. This injection has saved everyone a lot of money from undergoing plastic surgeries to alter their features to their desire. Besides that, Botox for wrinkles also takes only a few minutes to be completed. The post procedure effects are very minimal that it last only for several days. However, it is to be remembered that Botox injection is only to be given by an experienced person. Almost every aesthetic clinic in Malaysia offers this popular injection. Many tourist come to Malaysia to get this Botox injection for a more youthful look.


Botox or Botulinum Toxin A is made from a specific bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. This bacteria is usually the primary cause for food poisoning called botulism. The poison from this bacteria is said to be very deadly. However, thanks to the advance in medical technology, scientist have managed to come up with a less concentrated, purified form of the toxin that is now used widely in medical advancement.

Botox usually comes in an injection form where it is directly injected into the skin to help reduce wrinkles and fine line. When this has been widely proven, it has gain the attention of lot of people worldwide to use it for cosmetic purpose. Of course, it has contributed success and used by all walks of life up to date. All those blemishes are helped to reduced and get rid off so that a much more gorgeous look can be established.

The mechanism on how the Botox work is that it helps the muscles of the particular area to relax. By doing so, there will be blockage of the chemical signal that allows the muscle to contract. Following that, the muscles of the face would be much relaxed and thus wrinkles and fine line would have a tough time to be formed. That way, a youthful look can be ensured free from any blemishes such as wrinkles.

Well, Botox of course only lasts for a few months but not to worry as another injection would help boost it and keep it working continuously. So, as the effect starts to wear off, one should meet their doctor and get another injection to sustain the efficacy of the injection. A professional doctor would always give you a timeline regarding every injections and the subsequent ones. That way, we would not have to worry about skipping or forgetting the injection. Besides that, each individual also need to be assessed to see if they are suitable for the injection or not. Usually people with underlying chronic medical conditions are not recommended for this treatment.

With the use of this Botox injections of course there are complications that can be drawn. Minor complications that can occur are bruising at the site of injection. It usually last for 5-7 days and wears off naturally. Other complications are headache and that too subsides after 24-48 hours. So, basically there is nothing to worry about as all the complications that occur are just minor ones that go off in a matter of hours or days.

It is always to be remembered that no matter what procedure we go through, it is best to understand the pros and cons of it before proceeding further. This is to ensure that nothing out of the ordinary happens. Besides that, it is wise to ask the doctor thoroughly regarding the procedure and ask for clarity of the treatment. This is because we need to always make sure we know what is happening to us.

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