Alton Ingram MD – Professional Code of Conduct for Cosmetic Surgeons

Many people are going in for cosmetic and plastic surgery in USA today. However, before going in for such a surgery, it is important for you to ensure that you choose the perfect cosmetic surgeon for the job. When it comes to cosmetic surgeons there are certain rules and laws they need to abide to before and during the surgical procedure. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery ensures that all its registered surgeons uphold the highest standards of safety and quality along with excellence in the fields of patient care, aesthetics and surgical care. 

Alton Ingram MD- professional code of conduct for cosmetic surgeons

Alton Ingram MD is a renowned and esteemed cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the USA. He is based in Nashville Tennessee and he says that when it comes to performing any kind of surgical procedure on the patient the surgeon maintains the highest standards of moral character. They need to have integrity and credibility when it comes to performance of surgery on their clients. The same integrity also extends to their personal lives as well. The screening by the Board is very stringent and only the best candidates are selected to be registered under it. They need to uphold and maintain all the medical ethics that have been listed by the Board. They should abide to all lawful activities and ensure safe procedures are maintained. He adds that when you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon, you must ensure that you check the track records of the surgeon and also check his or her reviews before you undergo the surgery. 

Respect of human dignity and privacy

Surgeons should also have complete respect for human dignity. The responsibility of the surgeon must be towards the patient and the whole society too. The surgeon must prescribe activities that improve both the physical and the mental health of the patient.


Cosmetic surgeons need to be compassionate and caring towards their patients. They must take the comfort levels of their patients into account. Every surgeon must take his or her specialty very seriously while conducting the surgery.

Cosmetic surgeons should always disclose the details of the procedure to their patients. They must also share details of medical advances that are being made in medicine and technology. They also should respect the confidentiality and the privacy of their patients. They must render complete devotion and service to their clients.

Besides their patients, Alton Ingram MD says that surgeons must strive to improve their skills and service towards their patients. He says that when you are going to a cosmetic surgeon for any procedure you can alleviate the stress as you know you are in safe and sound hands if the surgeon is certified. He adds that you must ensure that you take time and research before you pick the cosmetic or plastic surgeon so that you get the right specialist to give you natural looking results without tensions at all. Talk to the surgeon and check reviews before you select him or her for your surgery!

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