Are You Longing For A Hollywood Smile?

We all long for that Hollywood smile – the immaculately straight, white teeth that we see in the movies.Unfortunately, only the privileged few are born with perfect teeth. So what about the rest of us? You may have visited the orthodontist during your teenage years, and you may even have had a brace fitted, but at that age many of us were too young and stupid to bother with the upkeep. Wearing a nightly retainer is a lot to ask of a teenager, and chances are your teeth are right back where they started as a result.Asides from aesthetic work, orthodontics is actually incredibly important for detecting and treating problems relating to your teeth and jaws, so it should be taken seriously.

When Should You See An Orthodontist?

Ideally, it is best to go to the orthodontist at an early age. It is recommended that children go for an assessment around age 7, when the adult front teeth erupt. This is important for detecting and preventing any problems with the alignment of the teeth and jaws. By catching any issues before they develop into more serious conditions, you can arrange preventative treatment that will save a lot of trouble later in life. This information may be useful if you have children, but if you’re reading this you may be wondering if it is too late for you.

What If You Missed the Boat?

If you never went to the orthodontist in childhood, it is still possible to get treatment as an adult. Whether you have a medical problem or you just want to straighten up your smile, many people are put off by the idea of having a brace as an adult. Luckily, there are a number of options these days which can save you the embarrassment of wearing a metal brace to work. Ceramic braces and Invisalign clear aligners are both great options if you want to fly under the radar whilst sorting out your teeth, and these treatments are readily available at orthodontists in Melbourne. These brace options are also removable, which means there’s no need to avoid certain food or drink unlike with traditional braces. They are also much more comfortable to wear, as you don’t have a mouth full of metal!

Can An Orthodontist Fix Your Problem?

Orthodontists can fix a whole range of problems. From overcrowding of the teeth to gaps in the teeth, such issues can be easily addressed using a brace. Ecotopic teeth- teeth which develop in the wrong position in the jaw – can also be remedied with a brace. Slightly more serious is the problem of a cross-bite, which can result in joint problems in your jaw. Again, this is commonly treated with a brace, or a removable plate which can realign your teeth correctly. More severe problems include an over or under bite. Whilst this may look cute as a child, it becomes less endearing the older you get, so it’s best to get it sorted early. In extreme cases, jaw surgery may be required to fix these problems. Other common problems that orthodontists are well-versed in treating are missing teeth, issues with wisdom teeth.

If you’re suffering from any of these problems, or even if you just want the perfect smile, why not go for a consultation with an orthodontist today?

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