Are you thinking of offering online therapy?

Have you been wondering about providing online therapy services to the needy clients? If answered yes, you must be having a host of questions in your mind like:

  • Is it a good idea to start offering online therapy?
  • Is it legally viable to offer e-counseling services online?
  • If you already have a physical office, can you still offer online help?
  • What is the method of finding clients for your online counseling firm?
  • How to get started if you wish to offer online therapy?
  • What tools do you require for having online therapy clients?

Instead of wondering about all these, you’ve clicked on the right post. Here are few things that you need to know on this.

Online therapy – What is it and can anyone offer it?

There are many names given to online therapy like e-therapy, distance therapy, web therapy, internet therapy and many more. The only difference with traditional therapy is that you meet your clients through the internet.

If you’re a licensed therapist, you can provide services related to online therapy. You may check out for more information on how counselors help. But you will only be able to practice in the state where you have the license. Suppose, you’re licensed to work in Texas, you will only be restrained to the residents of Texas. However, you need to remember that you can never have the last word on this as each state’s legislature can make their laws regarding online therapy and tele-psychology.

Offering online therapy help – The benefits

If you’re confused about why your clients will prefer the idea of taking resort to an online therapy, here are few pros that you should look for.

  • Reluctant and hesitant clients will find it easier to get online help

There is a stigma attached to receiving mental health therapy and hence there are many who are comfortable with the idea of getting help. When it’s online, they don’t have to worry about being seen by other family members of friends.

  • A cheaper alternative for the clients

This can be considered as both a pro and a con. However, for your clients, it is certainly a benefit which you can mention while promoting your online therapy.

  • A convenient option

When your physical office is located far away, it is more convenient to open a laptop and start communicating with you. Such is the magic of internet.

  • You can perform location-independently

No, you won’t be tied to your office. When you prefer offering online therapy, you won’t have to worry about conventional overhead costs.

Therefore, now that you know how you should start off with an e-counseling business, what are you waiting for? Start it off as soon as possible!

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