Best Way To Hide A Glass Bong

If you want a glass bong while still living at home with your parents, odds are you’ll probably need a hiding spot for it. If not then you’re a lucky bugger and this article is not for you. Personally, I never had to hide my habit of smoking cannabis from my mother but she still preferred that I kept the curtain closed on it if you know what I mean. I couldn’t blatantly leave my stash or grinder lying around, and had to make at least a bit of an effort to keep everything lowkey. Regardless of your particular situation, there’s always a way to guarantee the safety and secrecy of your glass bong in just about any home. This article will give you a few options of varying intensity to consider trying based on your needs.

Best Way To Hide A Glass Bong

    The Sock Drawer

This is definitely the most relaxed hiding spot. Only use this one if your mom isn’t in the habit of folding your laundry and putting it away for you. If privacy is highly respected and valued in your home and you just need somewhere to put something big and potentially smelly out of sight, then the sock drawer is a classic. Just make sure to seal the bong with saran wrap well so that the smell of dirty bong doesn’t seep into your socks too much.

    The Ancient Christmas Decoration Box In The Garage

Okay, maybe you’ll have to temporarily relocate for a little while during the holidays, but this is a pretty intermediate level of hiding spot. Same rules apply of course. Seal your piece up well so the smell doesn’t seep out in that area, but other than that you should be alright just putting it underneath some stuff that’s in the box.

    Outside In The Shrubs

This is only really an option for suburb or country homes with lots of forest and greenery around. I used to have a friend who was so spooked about being caught by his parents that he wouldn’t keep anything at all drug related in the house at all. Instead, he’d go down the street and stash everything in a crevice under a boulder and cover it up with some leaves. You might not have to worry about being caught by your parents if you opt for this extreme measure, but make sure you choose a spot where nobody is likely to accidentally stumble upon it.

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