Breast Augmentation Recovery Advice

The breast augmentation recovery process will be different for every patient so it is difficult to say exactly what you will experience.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Advice

Recovery times will also differ from person to person but on average you will need 4 – 6 weeks to recover from your surgery. It can, however, take up to 12 months for scar maturation to occur.

Let’s look at a few tips that will come in handy during the recovery process following your Plastic Surgery in Adelaide.

Healing after breast augmentation: General recovery tips

  • Follow instructions. The more careful you are to read your post-surgery recovery guide and to follow the instructions of surgeon, the better your recovery process will be. If you do suspect an infection or other major complications, rather contact your surgeon right away
  • Take it easy. It’s important to take things easy after your surgery, which includes not exercising or driving
  • Patience is key. If you want to speed up your recovery time and reduce the chances of infection, it’s important to be patient
  • Keep the end goal in mind. If you’re feeling upset and uncomfortable, try to remind yourself why you wanted to undergo the breast augmentation procedure to begin with. Remember that the pain and discomfort will pass in a few weeks
  • Don’t ditch the support bra. It’s incredibly important that you wear your support bra 24/7 if you want to see the best possible results

Healing after breast augmentation: Tips for preparing your home

  • Prepare your bedroom. To make the recovery process as pleasant as possible, make sure that your room and your bed are comfortable. You can also ask your surgeon about the best positions to sleep in. Getting enough sleep is incredibly important for the recovery process to work
  • Keep yourself occupied. Since you will have a lot more time on your hands, make sure that you have enough books, movies and music to keep you busy as you recover
  • Lean on friends and family. Along with the physical discomfort, you will more than likely also be feeling very emotional during your recovery so lean on your family and friends for support during this time
  • Stay healthy. Even though you won’t be able to engage in any exercise until after you heal, it’s still important to follow a healthy diet so that your body has the right nutrients to heal itself

After undergoing Plastic Surgery in Adelaide and once you’ve given your body a few weeks to heal, it’s best to consult with your doctor before you return to your normal daily activities.

Maintaining your breast augmentation results

Even after you’ve returned to your normal daily activities following your surgery, you will need to see your surgeon for an annual check-up to make sure that your breasts are still healthy.

It’s also important to discuss any medications, illnesses or major lifestyle changes such as pregnancy with your surgeon as these can impact the appearance of your new breasts.

Keep in mind that changes in your skin health and weight can impact your results so it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain your breast augmentation results.

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