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The Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer 0

The Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer

There are various types of cancer that we can suffer from, most of which attack a specific region of the body. The treatments available to us to combat the negative effects of cancer have improved...

Heal 2 cancers out of 3 0

Heal 2 Cancers Out Of 3 : We, We Believe!

What is leukemia? The different forms Risk factors Symptoms and diagnosis – acute leukemias Symptoms and diagnosis – chronic leukemias Treatments The graft Living with and after leukemia in an adult The research The ARC...

Leukemia 0

Leukemia: What is it?

The leukemia is a cancer of tissues responsible for the formation of blood, that is to say of immature blood cells in the bone marrow (= soft, spongy material in the center of most bones)....