Causes, Symption And Treatment Of Balsness In Pakistan

There are many myths, facts and observations regarding baldness here in Pakistan. If a person is suffering from intense hair loss or is going bald, that person will have to listen to thousands of opinions, treatments and desitotkay by everyone they meet.Instead of find and consult a doctor, many people start their own treatments by applying different oils, using different shampoos or they even try fake hair growth medicines on their own.

Hair loss or you can say baldness can happen to anyone at any age. There is no specific age or terms for baldness to start. Sure, there are many causes and symptoms which one should definitely look for.

The causes for baldness include not only the shampoo or oil you use, but also what you eat and even the level of stress that you take. There are some of the most common causes for baldness in Pakistan.

  1. STRESS: At this point, almost everyone is dealing with different sort of stress. But let me inform you, stress is the most common and major factor of balding.
  2. NUTRITION: What you eat surely reflects there, on your head! Improper intake of vitamins and proteins may result in balding. Make sure you are eating healthy.
  3. ANEMIA: Lack of iron can also cause balding at any age. If you have anemia, then make sure to take your iron supplements.
  4. INFECTION: Scalp infection is one of the reasons for balding. The microbes can trigger the follicles of the hair which results in balding. In this case, consult a doctor immediately.
  5. HEREDITY(FAMILY HISTORY): If you have a family history of balding, there is a high chance you may get it too.

Hair loss of balding may occur due to intake of different drugs and medications also. Intake of too much vitamin A can cause hair loss too.

 These were the most common causes of baldness which are found in Pakistan. Let’s look at the symptoms of baldness so one can start their treatment if found any. Although these signs may vary from person to person, here are the mostly reported symptoms of baldness.

  1. Sudden intense hair loss
  2. Thinning of hair
  3. Patchy bald spots

If you ever notice these signs in your scalp, make sure to go to the best dermatologist. Anyone at any age can start going bald but it is most common among men. In Pakistan, there are many known dermatologists that treat baldness in a very effective way. What one should do if they found symptoms like those is to seek medical attention as soon as they can and not waste their time and money on fake magic hair growth oils and serums, they may be harmful.

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