Features That Make Littmann Stethoscopes Truly Special

What is the defining image of a doctor for you? For most of us, it’s a bespectacled individual in a white coat with a stethoscope hanging around the neck. We know how doctors should look like but not many of us may know the exact use and utility of the device called stethoscope. Well, it’s an acoustic medical device for auscultation.

Make Littmann Stethoscopes Truly Special

Further, doctors use it to listen to the internal sounds of a human body, and also of an animal. The device is basically for lung and heart sounds but it can also help hear to intestines. In fact, good-quality ones can also help listen to blood flow in veins and arteries. And you know the stethoscopes under the brand name Littmann are the most popular.

Here are some of major features of the Littmann range of stethoscopes –

  • Littmann products are known for superior quality and utmost precision with diagnosis
  • Most doctors and nurses in medical profession use a stethoscope from Littmann purely for the sake of quality
  • The device has added a great value to the world of medical auscultation
  • A renowned American cardiologist, David Littmann, invented the device in 1963 and it has been a rage ever since
  • One of major reasons behind their popularity is the continued development and improvement to the invented product
  • The device is designed and equipped in a way to help medical professionals listen to body sounds even amid noises
  • The product brings ease with even those body sounds of heart, lung etc. which are considered difficult to pick or hear
  • These stethoscopes are unique in the sense that they come with noise reduction technology
  • Noise reduction has to be the best feature of these devices from the Littmann stable
  • A tunable diaphragm technology is used which helps doctors to change the pressure on the chest pieces
  • The device is versatile for adaptive use as the pressure on the chest piece can be changed from bell to diaphragm mode
  • They are suitable for both adult and pediatric auscultation and are the most popular among cardiologists
  • The device carries both a large and small side diaphragm respectively for adults and pediatric patients
  • There are available in the standard adult size and you can also get a pediatric bell (one-inch) and the infant bell
  • The device comes loaded with two tunable diaphragms which helps doctors listen to both low and high frequency sounds with ease
  • The age of patients does not impact the quality of sounds at least with the Littmann range of products
  • The design is laced with two tubes which eliminate noises and lets clear acoustics take place
  • The stethoscope from Littmann come with soft sealing ear tips which makes then cozy for wearing and also for hearing
  • They have a very durable design, are built tough and are available in different colors.
  • Doctors can buy any color of choice and match with their clothes and moods for sure

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