Five ways to keep your brain young

As we grow older, it is important to try and keep our brains stimulated as much as possible. Though, with so many tools and options available, it can be difficult to know which are the best to choose.

Five ways to keep your brain young

To help, the experts at House Call Doctor have put together a list of five ways to keep your brain young.

  1. Mental stimulation

Possibly the most obvious technique to keeping your brain alert is with mental stimulation. This can be achieved with activities including puzzles, crosswords, and maths problems. If these kinds of activitiesdo not seem interesting, you can experiment with other alternatives including painting, drawing and taking part in other crafts.

  1. Physical exercise

Physical exercise can not only help your body, but also your mind. This is because exercise spurs the development of new nerve cells and then increases the connection between brain cells. Not only this, exercising can help lower blood pressure, reduce mental stress and improve cholesterol levels.

  1. Improve your diet

Having a balanced diet can help your mind and your body. Ensure you have a balance of fruits, vegetables, meats,nuts, unsaturated oils and proteins to maintain a healthy diet.

  1. Avoid excessive tobacco and alcohol

By avoiding excessive use of tobacco and alcohol, you will limit major risk factors to your health, including your mental health. As an example,drinking alcohol can contribute to dementia so keep your beverages down to maintain healthy brain function.

  1. Protect your head from injuries

Injuries, especially moderate or severe head injuries, can carry long term damage, with some cases resulting in some sort of brain damage. Even undiagnosed concussions can increase the risk of cognitive impairment. Make sure to wear protective headgear if you are playing sport to lower your chances of long term damage.

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