Follinique Review: Best Hair Regrowth Product? [UPDATED 2018]

Follinique is an FDA-approved topical solution that contains 2 percent Minoxidil, is easy to use, reactivates hair follicles, promotes hair growth, is clinically proven to help regrow hair, and offers results in as little as two months. Recently, we gave Follinique a try to see if it really was the best hair regrowth product on the market. Here are our results.

Why I Gave FolliniqueA Try?

I decided to give the product a try after seeing a very positive Follinique review on the popular blog. At age 60, my once-thick hair had finally begun to thin. I had been lucky up to now so was determined not to lose my hair.


Even though I had heard about Minoxidil, I didn’t know that it was an FDA-approved topical solution for hair regrowth, so after reading the review, I made a commitment to myself that I’d try Follinique.

What Exactly is in Follinique?

As you can probably see in the many online Follinique reviews, the product contains a 2 percent Minoxidil solution. Minoxidil is not only FDA-approved but is available without a prescription.


It has the ability to revive hair follicles that are close to the scalp. Minoxidilis able to push the follicles from their resting phase (called Telogen) into a more active phase that results in growth. That growth phase, by the way, is called Anagen.

One of the best things about Follinique is that it cannot only stimulate new hair growth, but is able to stop the loss of hair due to its unique Minoxidil concentration. Even on thinning areas that have virtually no hair, and on bald spots, Follinique can regrow hair.

My Purchasing Experience with Follinique

After deciding to buy, I headed to the company website at and checked out the pricing options. I purchased what they call the “Best Value” pack, which is a five-month supply at $35.95 per bottle. There is a free trial where you only pay about $5 for shipping and handling as well, however, I decided to go all in and buy the five-month supply knowing that hair regrowth does take some time. The other regular purchase options include one month of Follinique for $59.95, a three-month supply for $39.95 per month, and the best value pack I bought.

For Amazon enthusiasts, you can buy Follinique on that site if that’s how you prefer to shop for most of your personal products.

My Honest Thoughts on Follinique 

My own Follinique review is a highly positive one. Having bought the five-month supply, I was determined to give Follinique a real test. If it was able to stop my hair loss and hair thinning, I’d be happy just with that, but if the product could additionally regrow hair on my thin and balding spots, I’d become a permanent customer.


Ordering was simple and fast. I had the Follinique in hand within three days (their site says between two and five business days), which is pretty quick. I was eager to get started with my “test.” I followed the label directions and applied Follinique twice per day to my problem areas.

Within about eight weeks of that first application, I was able to notice new follicles appearing and also noticed that the thinning had stopped.

Because I like proof positive of anything I try, I took a close-up, high-resolution photo of my scalp each day. It was amazing to view the photos after several months and have visible proof that the product was working and that I wasn’t just imagining the great results.For me, Follinique worked as promised and I’m now a regular user!

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