First victims of damaged spikes and forks, fine hair , from long to long, are the most sensitive. At issue are the repeated rubbing of the back and shoulders, the multiple attacks associated with styling and styling, and the resulting dehydration. If it is difficult to repair damaged hair, there are some solutions to restore strength to a weakened hair. Vanessa Giani, head of training Jean Louis David gives us leads to avoid the ultimate solution: cut everything .

Focus on keratin-based hair products

“When the tips are too damaged, you first have to cut them and then start on a good basis by maintaining your hair and using products in prevention,” says Vanessa Giani. Thus, one takes care of its hair by hydrating and nourishing it. The care with keratin are particularly recommended, either by prevention or by repeatedly cure.

For daily maintenance, we choose products adapted to the needs of her hair: the shampoo must match her hair. One can then apply care without rinsing, an oil, a care to the keratin or a serum on the points. Salon services are offered to repair the hair in depth, but they are more expensive.

For the most pressed: choose a care without rinse to apply daily

“The best way to avoid the pitchfork is to protect her hair upstream,” recalls Vanessa Giani. For this prevention operation, the expert proposes for example, to sleep with a loose braid closed with a flexible attachment to avoid tangling the hair and decrease the frictions against the pillow.

On a daily basis, for steady hair lovers, it recommends using a Steampod type straightener for lengths of chopsticks , as the steam protects the hair. However, we do not ignore the thermo-protective care to protect the hair from the heat of the styler.

“It must be known that it is not possible to repair points too damaged, forked, brittle; Only prevention limits the damage, “hammered Vanessa Giani. So you often have to go through the haircut box. For those who are in a hurry or on a small budget, she advises to invest in a care without rinsing 10 in 1. Indeed, this care combines several actions, in particular moisturizing, and for an optimum result, to complete with care More targeted that will act in depth.