How do Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs) Work?

First of All, why Opt for One?

Electronic cigarettes are highly technological products, created as a real alternative to smoking.

They are a great way to break the habit or reduce it greatly, and the best part is that you can do so without exposing your family, friends or coworkers to the dangers of second hand smoke.

How do Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs) Work

E-cigarettes can also be used by long-term, addicted smokers who cannot go without nicotine for long periods of time in places where smoking is strictly prohibited. Thus the psychological factor of having to suppress the habit is dealt with without breaking the rules, or getting on the wrong side of people.

But what is it that makes all of this possible?

What’s in an E-cigarette

So what are e-cigs for ? An e-cigarette is an autonomous electronic device, powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is used to turn the liquid from an inside container into vapour, which vapour is then inhaled in place of the smoke generated by regular cigarettes. The battery can be either manually switched on by means of a button, or automatically, through a vacuum sensor which detects the pressure exerted on the mouthpiece by the vaper’s lips. There is more than one charging option as well – the regular 220V or 110V electric circuit (depending on the country), plugging the device in a laptop or computer USB port, and even in the car when on the go, in case an adapter feature is present.

The e-cigarette liquid is a solution of water, propylene glycol, plant glycerine, aroma and nicotine, and the last one might or might not be present at all, depending on the vaper’s preference to either quench a nicotine addiction or simply enjoy a flavourful treat to their senses.

Despite the numerous shapes and sizes in which e-cigarettes are produced, most of them will have more or less the same structure, since different components serve the same purpose across product lines and brands.

The Components

Apart from the abovementioned li-ion battery, which by the way could be either manual or automatic, you will also find the so-called atomizer. This is the heating element turning liquid into vapour, and it sometimes comes in one piece with the liquid tank holding the solution itself, in which case it is called a cartomizer. And when the cartomizer is made of transparent material that shows the level of the liquid inside, it is called a clearomizer.

Irrespective of the cartridge type, one condition must always be fulfilled – that of free air flow through the liquid vessel, so that vapours can be successfully inhaled. Once the working liquid runs out, there is  the option to either refill or replace the cartridge, depending on its type.

It is also important to mention that whatever their type, e-cigarette components also have a lifespan of their own, so it is the vaper’s responsibility to take proper care of their device and promptly replace any parts that are no longer performing as required.

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