How to Care for Your Child’s Teeth

One child in two is affected by dental caries. Good dental care, regular dental checkups, and a low-sugar diet will help parents prevent this widespread disease. Find our tips to teach your child the right reflexes to adopt on a daily basis.

At what age do you brush your child’s teeth?

To keep healthy teeth , it is important to brush your child’s teeth as soon as possible so that he / she takes this routine gesture. Brushing can be done as soon as the first tooth appears, at the age of about 6 months. You will continue to brush your child’s teeth every day until he is 6 years old, when he can learn to wash himself under your supervision.

How to brush your child’s teeth?

At 6 months, your baby’s gums are very sensitive, use a wet compress or a flexible toothbrush (available in pharmacies). Add a toothpaste the size of a grain of rice. Before 3 years, choose a toothpaste with little fluoride.

How to do this: Lift your child’s upper lip and gently brush the teeth vertically, insisting on the area where the tooth and gum meet.

How to motivate your child to brush teeth?

For toddlers: brush your teeth in front of him and let him try on his own. There’s a good chance your toddler will imitate you.

For the older ones, rely on toothpastes fruity or colored (strawberry, phosphorescent …) to assimilate the dental care to a playful activity.

You can also set up a follow-up schedule where your child will fill the boxes for morning, midday and evening brushing. A good way to brush your teeth while having fun!

How to prevent cavities?

To ensure that your child has healthy teeth, keep an eye on your diet: Avoid foods or beverages that are too rich in sugars, such as sweets or soft drinks. Encourage your child to taste salty foods.

Finally, inspect your child’s teeth well: brown spots are likely to be caries.

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