How to roll a joint properly: Rolling regular joint and getting it right

Getting your hands on weed can be troublesome and many people put in some serious efforts just to get enough of it that can be taken with a single regular joint. However, many of them ruin their experience as they fail to roll the joint properly. Rolling it can tough and in truth you need to put some effort and it will take practice before you can finally make a perfect one. However, by knowing the basics of it, you will certainly be able to roll a better one than a newbie.How to roll a joint? Here are simple steps to do it.

Things you need

How to roll a joint properly: Rolling regular joint and getting it right

In order to roll a joint and smoke it, we prefer you to get your hands on 4 things. First one is a grinder which you will be using to grind raw bud of weed. Second is a cardboard paper that you will use as a filter and that will help you in smoking your joint till its very end. Third is a rolling paper that will contain your weed which you will be taking into your body. And lastly, you need marijuana that is the main ingredient!

Rolling the joint

Take the grinder and put in your bud for grinding. It comes in the form of a bud and you won’t be able to roll it properly, and even if you manage to do it, it will not smoke very well. Therefore, use the grinder to crush it. Make sure that you don’t do it too much as it will become powder and that is also not appropriate for smoking.

Once you have done it, take the rolling paper. It is recommended that one should tear it off in a curved edge at the bottom. Make sure that the widest part of the paper is at its center with both ends curved and less wider than the center. How much you are going to tear it depends on the size of the paper as some of them are too big. The second, you will get to know in a while.

Now, put the paper on your first three fingers (index, middle, and ring). Centralize it and put the thumb on one end. Bring up your index and right finger slightly upwards to create a shape which will resemble a half cylinder with both ends open. Put weed into it and make sure that you are going for a little more weed when rolling a joint. It may fall off as you roll but more will make it easier to do it than having marijuana in less amount.

Start by pinching the top of the joint shut. As you pinch the bottom part with the gluy one, start rolling it and make sure that it goes into the bottom of the paper. Once you compress it, here comes the hardest part. You need to roll it back and tuck the underside of the paper over the contents. This is where the ripped curve edge will help you as you will be able to tuck it under the weed and roll the paper around a lot easily.

Now, lick the glue and finish the sealing of your joint. Pinch shut one end and rotate it. Do it a few times before taking the filter and twist it under to roll it. Make sure that the cardboard roll is smaller than the joint and as you tuck it in, the piece will expand up to the size of your joint.

So, this is how to roll a joint. Light the end of joint evenly and smoke it. You might won’t be able to do it in appropriately first time but a few tries will surely make you good at it.


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