Know From Jonathan Lauter MD How Critical Psychiatric Nursing Is

The better the balance between your mind and body, the more stable a life you live. Any slight imbalance in the mental health, there’s both direct and indirect impact on the health and personality of the individuals. As a result of it, people easily get to understand the difference and how not the individuals, but also everything around them starts changing just because of the mental illness they have. Medical science records it to be one of the most confounding forms of illness because anyone who is affected with it gets completely deprived of the logical sense.

Jonathan Lauter MD, who has been practicing psychological treatments for both the kids and adults, never fails to mention how the families of these mentally ill patients are affected, and it is the feeling of hopelessness that makes them suffer every single day. To bring some relief to these people, there are the psychiatric mental health nurses who are given the training to not just take the best care of the psychiatric patients, but also give relief to their relatives.

Know From Jonathan Lauter MD How Critical Psychiatric Nursing Is

There are a few mistakes that are committed by the people every single day, i.e., associating these mental health nurses with the psychologists, the social workers, and even the psychiatrists. There are some technical differences and knowing them in details is essential to know about these mental health nurses better.

  • Firstly, the psychiatrists are physicians and they after diagnosing the case is responsible for prescribing the medication. The mood disorder that these patients go through visits the psychiatrists so that they can diagnose and try giving them some relief.
  • The Psychologists, on the contrary, hold a Ph.D. degree and they are not eligible to perform any critical diagnosis or suggest any medication. They are only entitled to perform all types of psychological testing and stay restricted only to this.
  • The social workers are some people who are completely different and they do not have any direct association with the medical treatment. Most of the mentally ill patients require some social acceptance and support in order to get back to the mainstream. Even though the world gets cruel every single day, these social workers keep fighting for these people and try to give them some position in the society.
  • And finally, the psychiatric mental health nurses are licensed professionals who have achieved a specialization in this particular field after the basic degree of nursing. Definitely, they do not provide any kind of medication or prescribe them, but they are trained to take the best care of the patients and deal with their mood swings and inadvertent temperament. They do not even counsel, but follow the orders of the psychiatrists and give constant accompaniment to the patients.

Jonathan Lauter MD never fails to give due credit to all these mental health nurses who have been a constant support for the psychiatrists. Without them, the entire treatment would fall apart, and hence giving them the recognition is completely justified.

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