Live-in Care or Nursing Home – Which is best for your Elderly Loved One?

Our ageing loved ones need the best possible care they can get. If you cannot take care of them on your own, you can choose to put them in a nursing home or hire someone to take care of them. Whatever you choose, make sure that they get the care they deserve.

There are things to consider in choosing the best care for your elderly loved one.

  • Does your loved one need very little help or is greatly dependent on others to do things for them?
  • Which kind of elderly care fits your lifestyle and budget?
  • Which kind of care meets the specific needs of your loved one?
  • Which kind of care does your loved one prefer?

Live-in Care

With this kind of care, a caregiver is hired to take care of your loved one. Home is familiar, comfortable and your loved one is surrounded by circumstances that make them feel safe and happy. Being at home, they can also maintain their freedom.

We often hear the elderly say that they would not want to be put in a nursing home when the time comes. They can also have the companionship they need at home, whether it’s watching television or sharing meals. The caregiver is also concentrated on only one patient, thus assuring that your loved one gets what they need.

One of the most important things to consider is choosing the best live-in caregiver. There are trained people who specialise in live in care jobs. Choose someone with a certain level of experience, an excellent personality and someone you think your elderly loved one would be comfortable with.

Nursing Home

Some people prefer to put their elderly loved one in a nursing home because they believe it helps insulate them from possible abuse. They can also enjoy the company of other senior residents living in the facility and share their experiences. These facilities also organise activities and social events for the entertainment of elderly residents.

The staffs inside the facility are trained to provide medical attention and round the clock care. These facilities also have nutritionists and dieticians to ensure the proper nutrition of the elderly. Nursing homes are also regularly evaluated to make sure they comply with the standards required for elderly care.

There is a downside to this kind of care. It can be quite expensive and some people cannot afford to pay for constant care. You may also have to travel far to visit your loved one if there isn’t a nursing home near you.

Know what is best for your loved ones

The best way to know what kind of care is suitable for your loved one is to ask them what they want. Weigh the pros and cons of both options. Whatever you choose, do not forget to visit them often because being around family is essential.

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