Losing Weight With Our 12 Exercise Program

How to lose weight permanently? Spectacular weight loss due to excessive deprivation is often short-lived. Doing fitness exercises to lose weight and eating rationally is a much better program than a strict fasting to lose weight and not take it back. Paradoxically breakfast is a bad solution to lose weight fast and stay slim. A significant and abrupt calorie reduction has a short-term effect; It is certainly possible, without sport, to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks but such a diet acts too little on the main causes of excess fat. These causes are the lack of a daily fitness exercise program and poor eating behavior depriving the “

Program of 12 exercises in circuit-training to lose weight

Lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks by eating little is very bad

Trying to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks by following a severe diet to lose weight fast is paradoxically the first step towards a weight gain! This is the opportunity to realize that diets are fattening and not losing weight. This may be surprising, but in the long run this is what happens. The solution to lose weight fast is a false good idea. It is certainly possible to lose 5 kg in 2 weeks but the more severe the diet that has achieved this goal, the more weight loss is the result of loss of water during the first days and muscle mass and The greater the risk of regrowth thereafter!

To eat very little ineffective to lose weight durably
A severe diet triggers an ephemeral weight loss

For example, if after a severe 2-week slimming program you quickly lost 5 pounds, it is very likely that this weight loss will be the result of the loss of 3.5 pounds of muscle and water for Only 1.5 pounds of fat. The reason is that for the body, this drastic reduction in food intake is a threat; This one reacts by sparing the fats that are the reserves and burning muscle tissue. Once your 2-week diet is over, you go back to your old eating habits and take back as fast as 5 kilos … in the form of fat. It is for this reason that this cycle diet – weight recovery – diet called yo-yo effect contributes, in the long term, to aggrandize by increasing your adiposity. In addition, By having less muscle mass the body burns fewer calories at rest; The resting metabolism decreases. This change in body composition predisposes to obesity. Growing muscle is essential to increase the resting metabolism and therefore to lose weight. Jeuner to quickly lose weight is a very bad solution taken in the emergency; This is not a good long-term diet plan.

The right program to lose weight combines sports and balanced menus

To lose weight and keep a healthy weight the right method is to follow this free slimming program.

  1. A moderate physical exercise program, consisting mostly of easy fitness exercises if you start the sport, for example our sports program for beginner running alternating walking and jogging in fundamental endurance or our weight training program with exercises at Body weight
  2. A program of progressive modification of the diet without excess with balanced meals but also without frustration and especially not a diet. No longer eat less but it is essential to eat better.
To lose weight with a beginner running program
Running facilitates weight loss durably

This solution leads to lasting weight loss because it allows:

  1. Burning calories,
  2. To muscle but not to take volume,
  3. To prevent the body from reducing the amount of calories that it burns at rest because it is the natural reaction of the body in case of excessive reduction of the food intake,
  4. To be sure that the lost weight is fat and not muscle or water as the rapidly but temporarily causes sweating due for example to port during the physical activity of a sweat belt

Reduction of calorie balance

You have calculated your ideal weight and you have concluded that you must reduce your current weight by 5 pounds. Your plan of action could be to do muscular and cardiovascular training in endurance 3 times a week and eat a fruit instead of a pastry as a dessert at dinner. Thus, you will reduce your total caloric balance, the foods you eat less the calories you are spending, by 500 calories per day. If you adopt this behavior 5 days out of 7, you will be able to lose 0.750 kilo in 2 weeks (3500 calories = 0.5 kilo of fat). You can lose 5 kilos in about three and a half months. It’s a little longer than a miracle diet, but at least weight loss is only a loss of fat; you n’ Do not have to radically change your lifestyle; The feeling of hunger is less severe without the intake of appetite suppressants and it is easier to keep your new weight in the long run. Adopting mainly fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, nibbling an apple instead of a dessert and a few fitness exercises to eliminate are the only changes in your lifestyle. If you really enjoy cakes think of gingerbread ; It is the only cake not containing lipids but only carbohydrates. View our recipe Adopting mainly fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, nibbling an apple instead of a dessert and a few fitness exercises to eliminate are the only changes in your lifestyle. If you really enjoy cakes think of gingerbread ; It is the only cake not containing lipids but only carbohydrates. View our recipe Adopting mainly fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, nibbling an apple instead of a dessert and a few fitness exercises to eliminate are the only changes in your lifestyle. If you really enjoy cakes think of gingerbread ; It is the only cake not containing lipids but only carbohydrates. View our recipe

This dietary approach associated with cardiovascular activation is the 4th of the 7 main methods for slimming established by sport-training.co.uk. This is the first really positive step taken to acquire a form weight; The frustration due to plan restrictions is replaced by a long-term commitment and clearly assumed decisions.

You can take inspiration from the Fitness 12 Exercises program of the next chapter for your weight loss exercises or the Rope-Squat sports program if you have a skipping rope and … a broom handle.

One of the consequences of the above is that if you want to have lost your 5 pounds before the summer and have a flat stomach it is necessary to start this program at best in early March. The more you wait and the more you will be tempted by an express diet to lose fat whose effects, make no mistake, will be of very short duration.

4 Sport Programs to Lose Weight

  1. 12 exercises on circuit
  2. Program alternating Jumping to the Rope and Squat
  3. Losing weight on the thighs for women
  4. Slimming Hips for Men

Programs 1 and 2 will allow you to lose 5 kilos in 3 months, all over your body if you take care also to reduce the caloric balance . Programs 3 and 4 will refine your silhouette at the thighs for the 3 and hips for the 4.

Strength training program 1: 12 exercises in circuit-training without equipment

This comprehensive circuit-training program increases the tone and does not cause muscle volume, so it is especially a good weight training program for women. It helps to lose fat mass, gain lean mass and thus increase basal metabolism. It does not require any hardware; It can be followed at home and requires no prior sports knowledge.

Fitness program woman at home in circuit training to lose weight
12 fitness exercises with body weight in circuit-training including 2 sheaths to keep the line and have a flat stomach

Program # 2 alternating String and Squat

To lose weight one can follow a program alternating jumping rope and overhead squat , an exercise at body weight. Click on the image to view program details.

Rope to jump and squat bar over head to lose weight
Jumping and flexing alternately to tone the buttocks and burn calories

Women’s Weight Loss Program 3: Losing Weight on Your Thighs

Are you a woman and you want to lose thighs ? Your desire is widely shared because, in women, fat has an unfortunate tendency to become fixed on this part of the body in the form of cellulite. For you it is necessary to follow the program musculation for woman described above and to add a tonification of the legs by exercises of musculation explosive to avoid to take muscular volume .

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Men’s Strength Training Program 4: Weight Loss

To slim down hips and lose the handfuls of love, which is rather the concern of men, it is necessary once again to make a hypocaloric diet and aerobic exercises (without being breathless) and add a musculation of the transverse abdominal and not the Great rights.

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The ideal program combines nutrition, jogging, weight training and pleasure

In summary, whether to lose belly , thighs or hips the best method to properly lose weight locally and maintain a form weight is to combine:

  1. A program of modification of the food behavior possibly elaborated by a qualified nutritionist
  2. A moderate-intensity exercise program if you are a sporting beginner but rather fast-paced or split and, if possible, fasting if you are a confirmed athlete
  3. a weight to body weight or with light loads to tone without taking volume.

Objectively the best sports program to lose weight for men and women is running because running requires 2/3 of the muscles of the human body but there are many other sports to burn calories . It is above all the pleasure to practice that should guide your choice.

Weight loss and sports adapted to burn calories and regain the line
The best sport to lose pounds and burn fat is the one you practice with PLAISIR

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