Lung transplant Step by step guidance

Lung transplantation is a process of transferring lung from a deceased donor to a patient suffering from an end stage lung disease. Lung transplant is the last decision that a patient might choose to get rid of end stage lung diseases like COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis. Undergoing a lung transplantation ensures an extended and better quality of life. If compared to therapeutics, life after lung transplant is very pleasing than therapeutics.

Before taking a life changing decision, a patient need to undergo a lot of diagnostics tests as prescribed by lung specialists or pulmonologists. Based on the current situation of the patient and the tests reports, doctors usually suggest whether the patient needs transplantation or not.

The initial thing a patient should look for is a donor. A donor can’t be anyone, there are few guidelines for organ donations as well. The donor shouldn’t have any kind of existing lung related diseases or cancer or any kind of serious illness or any transmissible diseases. Donor must have a similar blood group. He or she should have excellent medical condition with normal lung function and the age of the donor’s body shouldn’t exceed the age of 70 years. This age limit is common for both, the donor as well as for the receiver also.

Lung transplant Step by step guidance

Doctors from all around the world praises Indian doctors and there are few renowned hospitals also where you can get the treatment in World class facilities. Patients prefer to undergo lung transplant in India since there are a lot of facilities available in the hospitals in different cities like Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore. Hospitals include Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Hospitals, Max Super Specialty Hospital and so many. There are still higher chances of survival according to the Pulmonologist in India, you need to do it in the earlier stages of your lung disease.

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