Modafinil tablet you can buy at a cheaper price

I have a good news for you, if Modvigil is what you need. There is no difference between Modvigil and Provigil produced by Cephalon Inc. in terms of composition. Surprisingly, you can buy cheap modafinil online at any online pharmacy store and get it shipped to you.

Modvigil is the most asked for generic modafinil online. It has similar effect with modalert but cost half the price of the drug. It is one of the reason most people go for the pill. Modvigil is a drug manufactured by a reputable Indian manufacturing drug company, HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Now, because modvigil is way cheaper than modalert and Provigil does not mean that it will not have the same modafinil effect.

Modvigil still contain 200mg of modafinil. It is as good as generic can get. Many prefer modvigil to modalert, but we think you should try it for yourself so you can also have a say about the product.

You can order modafinil online us. Our modafinil comes directly from the manufacturer, HAB Pharmaceutical Ltd. So, you don’t have to doubt the authenticity.


Like it was stated above, modalert is a super-branded modafinil pill manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals while modvigil is a generic modafinil pill manufactured by HAB Pharmaceutical Ltd.

One thing to be noted here is that Sun Pharma is a world-renowned Indian manufacturing drug company with more experience than HAB Pharm, and it is much larger than HAB Pharm too. This alone gives modalert an upper hand over modvigil when comparing quality between the two drugs.

But, even if HAB Pharm may not be as big as Sun Pharm, the modafinil effect is still the same. So, don’t let size fool you. The basic ingredients or compositions are the same.

Nevertheless, which to patronize depends on you and what your body will like. Many people prefer to go with modvigil than modalert because of the price. Others that have been loyal still stick with modalert because of the brand image.


Modvigil is packaged in an aluminum plastic blister to ensure it freshness and protection. It is very easy to carry and store.


If you have never take modvigil before, it is advisable you start with 100mg dose. This quantity should give you the full modafinil effects and keep you going. Experienced users can go with 200mg so as to get the optimal peak effect.


  • First time users should take 100mg per day one hour before the target activity.
  • Those having Sleep Apnea can take 200mg a day.
  • Users with Shift Work Disorders can also take 200mg a day one hour before the commencement of the work.

Please, never exceed the recommended dosage of 400mg a day.


You can get your modvigil order shipped to you after confirmation of payment. The product should get to you between 7 to 14 days.

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