Most Frequent Dental Care Rates

Most Common Care

The most frequent dental care is the treatment of cavities , devitalization of a tooth, extraction of a tooth, scaling . The acts are reimbursed at 70% on the basis of conventional tariffs. They vary if the patient according to whether the patient is more or less than 13 years old. Fee Overruns

Some dental surgeons apply fees overruns : the practitioner must inform you of the rates applied. In this case, the health insurance fund shall be reimbursed on the basis of the agreed tariff. Fee overruns are not supported.
Overpayments can be covered by the mutual or supplementary insurance.

Permanent teeth of children under 13 years

The rates below are the basic rates of social security in 2014. They can be slightly re-evaluated over the years.

  • Treatment of a caries one face: 19,28 €.
  • Treatment of a caries two faces: 33,74 €.
  • Treatment of a caries with three faces or more: 48,20 €.
  • De-vitalisation of an incisor or a canine: 38,56 €.
  • Degradation of a premolar: 57.84 €.
  • De-vitalisation of a molar: 93,99 €.

Adults and children over 13 years old

  • Descaling 28,92 €.
  • Treatment of a decay on a incisive or canine face 16,87 €.
  • Treatment of a caries two faces: 28,92 €.
  • Treatment of a caries three faces or more: 40,97 €.
  • Deviation of an incisor or canine: 33.74E €.
  • Devitalization of a premolar: 28.92 €.
  • Depletion of a molar: 81, 94 €.
  • Extraction of a permanent tooth: 33,44 €.

Dental care not covered by the health insurance fund

The teeth whitening , placement of veneers, are not covered by health insurance , but can be partially reimbursed by the mutual or health insurance. To know more

  • Teeth whitening: caution

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