The best keratin products to repair damaged hair

best keratin products to repair damaged hair

When hair is extremely fragile, keratin is proving to be a shock ally to strengthen them. Stéphane Weyl, training manager Fabio Salsa, guides us to use it well and choose the right products. Natural protein, keratin is produced by the human body to build the integuments (hair, nails, hair …). But repeated attacks, the hair straightener, the hairdryer, the pollution, reduce the natural resources to keratin. As a result, the hair contains fewer and fewer hair and is more prone to aggression. “Keratin reinforces the intercellular cement to join the…

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How to grow your hair faster?

grow your hair faster

Is not Rapunzel who wants. To accelerate the growth of hair, there are nevertheless some small secrets. Our tips for boosting hair growth.  Months that you have not cut your hair so that finally they reach the middle length of the back you have dreamed of since your eight years … And yet, you see it well: they no longer grow. False. In reality, they grow, but slowly. The hair grows by the root, which grows under the scalp in the hair follicle. It is the blood that nourishes it,…

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Forked hair, spiked tips: how to repair them?

how to repair them?

Who says split hair and spiked tips does not say (necessarily) that everything should be cut. To repair them and prevent the forks from appearing, there are many treatments and products. The point with Vanessa Giani, head of training Jean Louis David. First victims of damaged spikes and forks, fine hair , from long to long, are the most sensitive. At issue are the repeated rubbing of the back and shoulders, the multiple attacks associated with styling and styling, and the resulting dehydration. If it is difficult to repair damaged…

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Dental care: the new rates

Dental care

By 2018, some dental care rates will change. Prices for dental prostheses will be capped while those for conservative care, such as the treatment of cavities, will be revalued. The new fee schedule for dental care will come into effect on January 1, 2018. Health Minister Marisol Touraine has decided to approve the arbitration award proposed by Bertrand Fragonard, Honorary President of the Court of Auditors. “She announced on March 9, 2017. This text is binding on liberal dental surgeons following the failure of negotiations between health insurance and their…

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Most Frequent Dental Care Rates

Dental Care Rates

Most Common Care The most frequent dental care is the treatment of cavities , devitalization of a tooth, extraction of a tooth, scaling . The acts are reimbursed at 70% on the basis of conventional tariffs. They vary if the patient according to whether the patient is more or less than 13 years old. Fee Overruns Some dental surgeons apply fees overruns : the practitioner must inform you of the rates applied. In this case, the health insurance fund shall be reimbursed on the basis of the agreed tariff. Fee…

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Why a good dental reimbursement is important?

good dental reimbursement is important

Very poorly paid by the social security, the dental expenses alone would justify that one subscribe to supplementary health insurance . Indeed, they are only reimbursed up to 70% on the basis of conventional tariffs. Long before you have a big need for dental care (devitalization of a tooth, treatment of caries, implants, …), it is better to visit the dentist regularly to carry out a preventive examination. From annual checks to decayed caries in time, through to scaling, spending can quickly climb! So to keep your teeth in good…

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At the dentist: prices and reimbursement for consultations and dental care

dental care is reimbursed up to 70% of the conventional social security tariff. Concerning the price level, like doctors

Dental reimbursements concern several types of acts: So-called preservative dental care  : scaling, caries treatment, devitalization … The installation of a dental prosthesis  : crown, bridge, implant … The consultation  : the dentist (or stomatologist) bills a consultation for appointments without care. This type of consultation simply includes diagnosis or control. The prices of consultations with the dentist are set by the Health Insurance. These non-care consultations are reimbursed at 70% on this basis. CONSERVATIVE DENTAL CARE: RATE AND LEVEL OF REIMBURSEMENT Conservative dental care is reimbursed up to 70%…

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Dental care and prostheses: your reimbursements

Dental care and prostheses

Consultations with the dentist, dental care and prosthesis, orthodontic treatments, management of agenesia … Update on the rate of these acts and on their assumption by the Health Insurance. REFUNDING YOUR CONSULTATIONS Consultations with a dental surgeon or a registered dental surgeon are covered by the Health Insurance and reimbursed at 70% on the basis of conventional rates. Fee overruns are possible in some cases. Consultation Fees and Refunds Practitioner consulted Rate Basis of refund Repayment rate Amount reimbursed* Dentist 23,00 € 23,00 € 70% 16,10 € Dental surgeon specialized…

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Megacaryoblastic acute leukemia: understanding the mechanisms involved to improve management

Megacaryoblastic acute leukemia

Megacaryoblastic acute leukaemias are infantile blood cancers that are too resistant to treatments. The researchers wish to explore the molecular mechanisms at the heart of the development of these cancers to discover new therapeutic targets. To do this, they are developing very advanced cell models to explore the formation of tumors.  This research is led by Thomas Mercher and his team “Genetics and modeling of childhood leukemia” at the Gustave Roussy Institute in Villejuif. Megacaryoblastic acute leukemia: a specific entity Thomas Mercher and his team are interested in a particular…

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Heal 2 cancers out of 3 : we, we believe!

Heal 2 cancers out of 3

What is leukemia? The different forms Risk factors Symptoms and diagnosis – acute leukemias Symptoms and diagnosis – chronic leukemias Treatments The graft Living with and after leukemia in an adult The research The ARC Foundation and adult leukemia research Useful contacts  Symptoms and diagnosis of acute adult leukemia The leukemia acute occur suddenly and quickly diagnosed. The main symptoms Most often, acute leukemia settles abruptly in a few days without warning signs. It may sometimes remain silent but usually results in rapid deterioration of the general condition and an…

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