Painkiller tablet or spray: What should you choose?

Short term painkiller tablets are fine under medical supervision, but they can get you addicted. Meanwhile, a muscle pain spray does the same job without any of the side effects.

Pain is a part of life. All of us endure some amount of body pain at some point in our lives. While pain becomes a permanent fixture as one ages, it is also seen in younger people who are overworked, or who exercise a lot, or even those who have sedentary lifestyles.

muscle pain spray

Most people resort to taking OTC painkillers. While these may reduce the intensity of the pain, long term usage is not recommended. Instead, you should use a muscle pain spray and not a painkiller tablet, because the latter –

1 Can ruin your digestion and slow metabolism. The major components of most pain killer tablets are aspirin and ibuprofen. While they may combat pain in the body, they also slow down digestion and metabolism. Prolonged use may cause digestive upsets and bloating. In some cases, you may even experience severe stomach cramps.

2 Can alter the way major internal organs work. Doctors prescribe antibiotics and painkiller tablets for debilitating muscle pain, but long term use is not recommended. The cocktail of chemicals in the tablets can reduce the efficiency of the major internal organs like the kidneys, stomach, pancreas, liver and even the intestines. Besides, the tablets can trigger allergies or exacerbate existing conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

3 Can cause dependence and addiction. When you realise that the pain killer tablet reduces the muscle pain, you are tempted to pop the tablet every time there is a muscle pain. This can cause dependence, which is unhealthy over the long term. Meanwhile, there are certain anti –depressants that work as pain relievers. But they are highly addictive and may cause long term dependence by inducing feelings of well being while reducing the pain. Instead, you should use a muscle pain spray for better and safe relief.

Using a pain relief spray

Don’t go to the pharmacy and ask for a pain relief tablet the moment there is some muscle pain. Self-diagnosis is dangerous, especially when you are about to ingest a chemical-laden tablet. If the pain is too severe, take medical advice on dealing with it.

But if the pain is relatively manageable, stay away from medication altogether and reach out for a muscle pain spray. The spray works rapidly and does not have any side effects. Muscle pain sprays are prescribed by both doctors and sports physicians in the daily management of body aches and pain.

Apply a hot compress on the painful muscle to relax it and prep it for the treatment. Once the muscle is relaxed and warmed, it is able to absorb the muscle pain spray much faster and better. Apply the spray as directed and rest the muscle, letting the spray work uninterrupted.

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