The Most Common Methods of Hair Removal

Depending on your individual preferences, hair removal is either a high priority necessity or something that is best left at the back of your mind. There is no right or wrong answer but some ways are definitely better than others if you’ve decided on regular hair removal.

From the tried and tested razor or electric shaver to more modern treatments such as laser hair removal and IPL, we’re going to give you the knowledge you need to make that irritating stubble a thing of the past.


Tweezers have many uses but the most common has to be the spot reduction of hair. Only really suitable for small areas of the face, be sure to carefully and methodically pull out individual hairs by the root.

Use rubbing alcohol on your tweezers before and after use to prevent infection and also make sure that hair doesn’t break off to avoid any ingrowing hair follicles.

If done properly you shouldn’t have to tweezer any more than once every 3-6 weeks.

Traditional Wet Shaving

The use of a metal blade in some form or another has been a staple of hair removal since the dawn of time.

When using a disposable razor, make sure to wet the skin and only shave in one direction – the direction your hair grows. The liberal use of shaving cream, foam or soap will assist in the catching of any stubborn hairs and will reduce the likelihood of irritation.

Frequency will be determined by what and where you’re shaving but for the average person this shouldn’t need to be done any more than weekly.


Waxing is great for large patches of hair that need to be removed in one go. A professional wax involves a cosmetologist spreading a warm sticky wax over your skin which is then covered by cloth strips.

Once dry, these strips are quickly pulled back resulting in effortless hair removal.

There are a number of home waxing kits available which use the same principle and can be effective if used correctly.

The more often you wax the less likely you are to gain an infection so once you start it’s a good idea to keep going.

Professional waxing is usually required monthly.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL (intense pulsed light) is a newer type of non-invasive hair removal that utilises rays of light to assist in the removal of hair. This light is absorbed by the melanin in each strand of hair, heating it up and causing permanent damage preventing hair regrowth or at least reducing the amount of hair produced.

It works on all hair colours but darker hair may require more treatment sessions, up to 10 in some instances. Body hair is usually treated at 4 weekly intervals with face hair treated at 2 weekly intervals.

Benefits include;

  • The treatment of much larger surface areas than other types of hair removal
  • IPL hair removal is far more effective at permanently preventing hair growth
  • IPL hair removal has very few side effects

Needless to say, IPL is our favourite method. Effective and cost efficient. Luckily for you IPL in Perth and the surrounding areas is very common so finding a salon or clinic to carry out the treatment should be easy. Make sure that your therapist is qualified and has received adequate training.

With the onset of IPL, hair removal no longer need be painful or stressful. A handful of treatments should make your hair removal routine a thing of the past.

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