Total Body Cleanse: How it Works to Purify every Organ

“Being healthy is something I learnt from a very young age. Looking after yourself on the inside helps with your energy, makes your skin glow and changes your whole outlook on life.”

Total Body Cleanse: How it Works to Purify every Organ

Phoebe Tonkin

Every day we tend to complain about health issues that we face; frequent aches in the stomach, head, joints and limbs etc. We keep searching for the sources but we fail to realize that the source of some of these issues lies in ignorance. Yes, the way we ignore our body and its need to stay healthy is quite scary. Moreover, so are the results. Cleansing is one of the most effective solutions to the problem.

What is a total body cleansing?

Like we shower to remove the dirt and germs on the outside of the body, we do very little to clean our insides. The internal cleansing is significantly more crucial than outer cleaning. We are not discouraging the habit of showering in anyway. We’re only emphasizing the need for internal cleansing.

Coming back to the point, a total body cleanse is the process of purifying the body by using substances that eliminate harmful agents from internal organs.

Difference between cleanse and detoxification

While both these terms are used interchangeably quite often, they have different meanings. The basic function of both is quite similar. They remove toxins from the body but they way this is achieved is different. Cleansing usually employs external agents like naturally derived formulas or pills to clean the body of any harmful agents in a short period of time, detoxification is designed to support and enhance the natural processes of the body.

Most naturally breakdown of harmful particles in the body occurs in the liver and kidneys so detoxification using foods and drinks that contain minerals to increase the capabilities of these organs.

Why choose total body cleanse

Only a small percentage of people look after the body as deserved. The others should realize the mistake they are making before it is too late. A total body cleanse acts as a starting point for the journey towards a healthy body. Once you perform a complete cleanse on the body, you provide a strong foundation to build upon. Going forward you can opt for detox meals and diet plans to maintain the healthy functioning of your internal organs. There are several effective and natural products available in the market, which provide reliable cleansing of the body.


A total body cleanse is a long term debt that you owe to your body especially if you have been neglecting its basic requirements. PassYourTest offers an extensive range of products that are derived from natural ingredients and can perform a total body cleanse quite effectively. It is our responsibility to care for the only body we have to live in because it has a tendency to fail on us if we don’t.

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