Understanding the Requirement of a Life Coach and the Right Steps

It helps us to clearly set goals and successfully achieve them. Not surprisingly, in the few years that have passed since the appearance of coaching in Russia, this method has managed to win many supporters and provoke quite a few heated debates.

Understanding the Requirement of a Life Coach and the Right Steps

In life there are times when we are looking for a person who can help to cope with a difficult situation, determine the goal and suggest the correct way to achieve it. As a rule, we count on the support of relatives and friends, but today we have at our disposal the skills and experience of professional coaches. They help people build life, resolve conflicts in the family and at work, achieve professional success, in short, live a full life. There comes the responsibility of a life coach / ing.

Therapy for healthy

The English word coach is translated literally as “coach”, “mentor” the one who leads to the result, to victory. For many years coaching ideas developed in the world of sports achievements. It was here that his principles were formulated: concentrating on one’s capabilities, not on past mistakes; the disclosure of the human potential for achieving the best results. At the end of the last century, coaching as a practical method came into the business.

Who needs it?

The method of life coaching helps those who solve a specific life problem, seeks to take a certain level: pass exams, settle the conflict. The coach is not an expert in life, but an attentive and qualified interlocutor who helps clarify the goal, take the right decision for the given circumstances, to develop an effective and flexible strategy of behavior for similar situations in the future.

There are many definitions of coaching, for example:

  • The art of creating, with the help of conversation and behavior, an environment that facilitates the movement of a person to the desired goals, so that it brings satisfaction
  • Training self-actualization in the form of a conversation. Where the coach (coach) is responsible for the course of the conversation, and the client (the player) for its content
  • The process of creating conditions for the comprehensive development of the client’s personality
  • The art of promoting the effectiveness, learning and development of another person
  • Lasting relationships that help people to obtain exceptional results in their life, career, and business or in public affairs. Through coaching, clients expand the field of knowledge, increase the effectiveness and quality of their lives
  • A process that facilitates the implementation of training and development, and, consequently, the enhancement of the competence and the development of the professional skills of the learner.

Goal is the result

From the point of view of the client, the strongest side of coaching is to focus on a quick and tangible result. However, this is also the main reason for the vulnerability of this approach. It is well known that even local complications-for example, the inability to change housing or work-often conceal underlying problems that are rooted in the past.

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