Ways to Pass Drug Test at Office

Drug test is a yearly thing where all the employees are asked to take the test so that your boss would not worry for his employees being an addict. It may be a problem for some of the employees for if they don’t pass their yearly drug test, they might lose their jobs.

If you are an employee and are worried about your drug test, here are some tips and ways that will make sure you pass the drug test easily.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water:

Of course, there is no better thing than water for if you want to pass your drug test. Yes, the plain water can work wonders for you if you have your drug test in a short notice. Make sure to drink lots and lots of water at least half an hour before taking the drug test.

The trick here is not to pee until you are done with your test.

  1. B- Vitamins:

B- Vitamin is another best thing that you can take for your drug test to be negative.

For B- Vitamin pills, make sure you start taking them 3 days prior to the test. On the day of the test, take your B- Vitamin pill 5 hours before the test. The B- Vitamin pill will do its magic and your urine will then have a natural yellow color which will be diluted, making your drug test to come out negative.

  1. Lemon Juice:

Apart from water and B- Vitamins, lemon juice is another natural way to detox your body to take the drug test. Lemon juice is surely the best detox drink for drug test as lemon has acidic properties, it will make sure to flush out all the toxins in your body and detox it.

For the lemon juice detox drink you need to mix one tablespoon of fresh lemon with 160z of water. You need to drink this amazing and natural detox drink 7 days before passing a drug test.

  1. Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse:

The clear choice rescue cleanse is the most used detox drink. This is one of the best detox drink for drug test, it is the most used as it is not as bitter and disgusting as other detox drinks and next, it comes in several sizes for you to choose from.

If you want to go for Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, make sure to stop smoking weed 2 days before the test. Drink your Rescue Cleanse on an empty stomach. Use the drink two hours before the test and you will pass the drug test, for sure.

  1. Nuclear Meltdown

The nuclear meltdown is the last detox drink, as it tastes awful but will do the work.  You can easily make your detox nuclear meltdown drink at your home and drink it. To make the detox drink, you need to mix all the detoxifying things you know off, like lemon, ginger, vinegar; just mix and drink.

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