What Are Common Signs Of Gum Disease And What Should You Do About It?

Periodontitis or gum disease is an oral condition that involves a person’s tissues surrounding the teeth. The leading cause comes from the buildup of plaque and bacteria in the gums. It is a progressive issue with the possibility of causing damage if left untreated. The following are common signs of gum disease and the necessary steps you need to address the problem.

What Are Common Signs Of Gum Disease And What Should You Do About It

Redness and Swelling

People with gum disease experience redness and swelling. Having inflamed or painful gum for no reason can become problematic. That is why it is essential to seek the best dentist in Reston for proper diagnosis and treatment. The issue can further aggravate if left unchecked. People should remain conscious of these manifestations as the bacteria has the potential to affect other parts of the body.


Another manifestation of gum disease involves bleeding. The issue occurs when you eat, brush your teeth, or floss. Your gums bleed due to the buildup of plaque and production of toxins. These make the gums sensitive. While periodontitis influences the gums to bleed, other factors influence the issue. These usually occur as hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause.

Bad Breath

People suffering from bad breath can also occur due to gum disease. The foul smell originates in different areas such as the stomach, lungs, or back of the tongue. You can also experience bad breath due to frequent tobacco use. People who have periodontitis have bad breath because of leftover food particles stuck between the teeth and gumline. That is why it is essential to maintain proper oral hygiene to prevent the buildup of foul odor.

Treatment Options

Since gum disease tends to become difficult to handle over time, it is important to explore different treatment options. The objective of any dentist is to prevent the progress of bacteria before it causes further damage to the tissue and bones. The best dentist in Reston would first assess the extent of the problem and eventually come up with a treatment plan that might include the administration of antibiotics and surgery.

Flap surgery is one of the methods that a dentist can administer to treat periodontitis. The objective focuses on the reduction of gum pockets surrounding the teeth. The approach helps reduce the buildup of bacteria and remain easier to clean.

Laser procedure is another form of treatment available. The approach is similar to flap surgery and focuses on reducing the size of pockets on the person’s gums. Laser treatment reduces the possibility of bacteria developing and improve a person’s overall confidence.

If the damage is significant, the dentist can facilitate bone and tissue graft. The approach focuses on applying a membrane to a specific area of the gums. It helps the section grow new tissues and bone and improve overall oral function.

The Bottom Line

Overall, gum disease is a serious problem that requires immediate care and attention. People should always consult with the best dentist in Reston to determine the severity and solutions available. While there are definite ways to resolve the issue, prevention remains the suitable option.
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