Essential oils are essences extracted from fresh plants, and recognized for their incredible richness. A single essential oil can contain several hundred molecules, so many properties. In cosmetics, they have the advantage of being able to act in synergy between them, but also with other active agents such as vegetable oils . Whatever your needs, you will always find a formula that suits you! Powerful and precious, essential oils will help you beautify your hair over the long term, while respecting its nature. Though made from plants, essential oils are extremely concentrated in active ingredients and their effectiveness is now proven.


For hair in good shape, the care of the scalp is essential. It is indeed since the epidermis that you hair is generated. If one tends to neglect the health of our scalp, this often results in some inconvenience. A period of stress, poor hydration or an unbalanced diet can also generate itchy scalp. Their presence can quickly become very unpleasant!

To remedy this, you can bet on the essential oil of tea tree, or tea tree. Antibacterial and purifying, it relieves immediately while avoiding the appearance or aggravation of certain diseases of the scalp like psoriasis. You can also use it as a remedy against dandruff , at the rate of two drops in two tablespoons of your shampoo. The essential oil of juniper is also very effective to eliminate dandruff, while having a soothing effect. If you suffer from itching related to stress, do not hesitate to add a few drops of essential oil of lavender in your preparations. You will enjoy its smell, which is known for its soothing properties.


Whatever the nature of your hair, you can find suitable essential oils. To regulate excess sebum and avoid the effect of oily hair , bet on bergamot, grapefruit or Atlas cedar! Two or three drops added in your shampoo just before its application suffice.

The dull hair, brittle and damaged by colorings can turn to the essential oil of ylang-ylang. Besides feeling good, it has the distinction of making them very bright! You can use it in addition to a very nourishing vegetable oil like that of avocado, castor or coconut. Note that the latter is particularly interesting because it penetrates very well into the hair fiber.


Do you dream of having beautiful long hair ? Know that essential oils can be valuable allies. To stimulate growth, add two drops of Bay St Thomas or Clary Sage in your shampoo before applying. For more effectiveness, perform a thorough massage so that the active ingredients are in contact with your scalp.

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Against seasonal hair loss, focus on the essential oil of Bay St Thomas or rosemary to cineole, applied in the same way. You can also combine them with vegetable oil castor, known to stimulate the growth, so as to concoct a perfect mask!