This is the surprise (good or bad!): The curls wake up differently every morning. They depend on the shampoo of the previous day or the night before, but also on the position on the pillow, and especially the ambient humidity which can quickly transform them into an unmanageable frizz mass (nota bene: the thicker the hair , The more they absorb moisture).

A little water on the loops in the morning

Hair styling is done by hand (“Absolute prohibition to use a brush or a detangler” , fustig Delphine Courteille, creator of studio 34 and Hair Stylist L’Oréal Professionnel), room for maneuver is restricted … So when everything has l Air to get in place, the minimum is to spray a little water on the loops before squeezing them gently. One can do the same with a formula that contains oils, to nourish the fiber and enhance the shine.

Bad hair day? Quick, a moisturizing treatment to redraw my curls!

But in case of bad hair day, we put on a modeling cream to redraw the curls thanks to a formula halfway between care and styling, filled with moisturizing, nourishing and sheathing active ingredients.

Place in the palms of the hands before gently curling the loops with. “When the hair is thick, it can even be done with a hazelnut mask. It is a studio trick to give pep and shine a raplapla loop while controlling the volume ” , offers André Delahaigue, artistic director of Maniatis shows.

Finally, depending on the weather, provide a K-way formula that will prevent the appearance of frizz by repelling moisture.