Who Are The 10 Most Beautiful Women In The World In 2016

While “People” voted Wednesday Jennifer Aniston “most beautiful woman of the world in 2016”, the editorial of ParisMatch.com has decided to also elect the 10 most beautiful women of the globe.

On Wednesday, April 20th, the American magazine “People” gave its verdict: Jennifer Aniston, star of the series “Friends”, was elected the most beautiful woman of the year 2016. Immediately, at the announcement of the news, The actress wanted to nuance the picture. “I never liked my butt, I maintain my body every day,” she said with humor. “I got used to being a little round thing, now I’m like I am … I’ve learned to like it all.”

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In the aftermath of this controversial election, some people on social networks laughed at Jennifer Aniston and his remarks on cosmetic surgery; She “regretted” the personalities who used the bistoury and the “trend” injections – we decided to elect also the 10 most beautiful women of the world in 2016. They are American, French, British, Indian, Syrian or Mexican-Kenyan. But above all, they all received beauty at birth as an inheritance. Among them, Gal Gadot , Emilia Clarke , Charlize Theron …

Discover in pictures who are the most beautiful women of the world in 2016.

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