Women’s Health Journal: Effective Ways in Minimizing Menstrual Cramps

A monthly period is inevitable. But, it excludes pregnant women. Every woman will go through the series of painful cramps in the abdomen area. Lucky are those women who don’t have a problem dealing with a monthly cycle with an additional cramp on the side. But, for those who suffer painful periods, a single tablet of painkiller may not be enough to take.

The most common question of women’s population is how to reduce period pain. In some cases, there are individuals who have prepared a box of chocolate, a painkiller, and a hot compress. But, it will not change the fact that you will still feel the tingling pain in your abdomen part. With tons of medicines that are available in pharmacies, some would prefer to go in a more natural way.

Yes, there are other options you can have aside from the pills to kill the pain. Some women change their lifestyle to avoid the impossible pain. If you’re interested to hear new methods of minimizing the pain, you can check out this entire article to guide you.

Helpful Tips for Reducing Menstrual Pain

The burden of being a woman is found on menstrual pain. As part of womanhood, the only thing that a female can do is to accept the occurrence of menstruation. But, as there are options to try in reducing the pain, you better not miss out on the chance of considering its possible aid. To name a few tips, just read the rest of this article.

  • Watch your diet

One of the reasons why a woman experiences pain is due to the water retention and bloating. Now, to cut the excruciating pain, you need to choose wisely the food you will eat. A week before, and during the monthly cycle, you must stay away from fatty foods, caffeine, alcohol and salty foods. Choose only a clean diet and eat more greens to sustain your body’s needs.

  • Call an acupuncturist

The inability of the blood to flow easily on your abdominal cavity can cause the pain during the period. For some women, they tend to arrange a session with their trusted acupuncturist. In that way, the acupuncturist will pinpoint and concentrate on the areas that can help regulate blood flow properly. By then, a woman will feel some sort of relief after the session.

  • Apply heat

If you’re looking for a quick relief but doesn’t want to take a pain reliever, you should opt for a heating pad. You can buy a container for a hot compress or have a customized pad to wear around your abdomen. As you lay on your side, you can put the hot compress on your lower abdomen and one on the back. In that way, the heat will help soothe the pain you are feeling from the cycle.

The thing is, you need to have a good rest on the day of your cycle. It is even ideal not to move too much and do things so your body can relax. If you did everything without a sign of improvement, you better visit your OB-Gyne specialist.

A moderate pain is normal for most women. But, a recurring painful menstruation for months requires a medical help. Make sure to do your part in taking care of yourself. If you sense any kind of abnormality on the pain, you should immediately seek medical assistance. Provide all the important details to your doctor to make the consultation a lot easier. But, if you can still handle the pain, just don’t forget to apply the tips stated above. Also, do not forget to take a good rest during the monthly cycle.

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