Weight Loss: The Top 10 Mistakes to Make

Weight Loss: The Top 10 Mistakes

So that the desire to lose weight does not become an obsession and your efforts are rewarded, discover the advice and recommendations of Véronique Liègois, dietician and nutritionist. 1: WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT WHEN NOT OVERWEIGHT Do not let yourself be manipulated by the perfect image of the ideal girl who must fit in a size 32. If your weight is stable without depriving you and your body displays harmony, nothing is used to fight and starve to lose A few extra pounds. All the more so as you will…

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Losing Weight with our 12 Exercise Program

Losing Weight with our 12 Exercise

How to lose weight permanently? Spectacular weight loss due to excessive deprivation is often short-lived. Doing fitness exercises to lose weight and eating rationally is a much better program than a strict fasting to lose weight and not take it back. Paradoxically breakfast is a bad solution to lose weight fast and stay slim. A significant and abrupt calorie reduction has a short-term effect; It is certainly possible, without sport, to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks but such a diet acts too little on the main causes of excess…

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Weight problems: dietary recommendations and diet menus

Weight problems

Food Recommendations and Diet Tips Here are recommendations on the best food choices to make for the weight loss process to continue and to achieve and maintain a healthier weight. The most important rule remains to eat only when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full, regardless of the quality of the foods chosen. These recommendations: Take into account the concept of energy density ; Should allow you to lose weight without feeling tired or hungry ; Make sure that you do not have to over-control what…

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20 Causes That Stop Weight Loss

Stop Weight Loss

When you lose weight, your body defends itself. It is common to succeed in losing a lot of weight early, without great effort. However, weight loss can slow or outright s’ stop , and rather quickly. Icelandic nutritionist Krist Gunnars reports 20 frequent reasons for the phenomenon. [1] You will also find below his precious advice to cross the glass ceiling and continue the progress. 1) Maybe you lose weight without you realizing it If you feel like you have reached a glass ceiling, and no longer able to lose…

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What styling products to restore my curls?

styling products to restore my curls

Curly hair requires styling products adapted to their rebellious nature. The goal ? Stretch the buckles, fight frizz and protect them from moisture. Zoom on the best stylish care to sculpt a beautiful cascade of curls. This is the surprise (good or bad!): The curls wake up differently every morning. They depend on the shampoo of the previous day or the night before, but also on the position on the pillow, and especially the ambient humidity which can quickly transform them into an unmanageable frizz mass (nota bene: the thicker…

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What essential oils to have beautiful hair?

essential oils to have beautiful hair

Besides their healthful virtues, essential oils can also prove very useful to take care of your hair. If some will allow to gently perfume your masks house, others will have true virtues fortifying, purifying or repairing. Find out now how to use them!  THE BENEFITS OF ESSENTIAL OILS ON YOUR HAIR Essential oils are essences extracted from fresh plants, and recognized for their incredible richness. A single essential oil can contain several hundred molecules, so many properties. In cosmetics, they have the advantage of being able to act in synergy…

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The best keratin products to repair damaged hair

best keratin products to repair damaged hair

When hair is extremely fragile, keratin is proving to be a shock ally to strengthen them. Stéphane Weyl, training manager Fabio Salsa, guides us to use it well and choose the right products. Natural protein, keratin is produced by the human body to build the integuments (hair, nails, hair …). But repeated attacks, the hair straightener, the hairdryer, the pollution, reduce the natural resources to keratin. As a result, the hair contains fewer and fewer hair and is more prone to aggression. “Keratin reinforces the intercellular cement to join the…

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How to grow your hair faster?

grow your hair faster

Is not Rapunzel who wants. To accelerate the growth of hair, there are nevertheless some small secrets. Our tips for boosting hair growth.  Months that you have not cut your hair so that finally they reach the middle length of the back you have dreamed of since your eight years … And yet, you see it well: they no longer grow. False. In reality, they grow, but slowly. The hair grows by the root, which grows under the scalp in the hair follicle. It is the blood that nourishes it,…

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Forked hair, spiked tips: how to repair them?

how to repair them?

Who says split hair and spiked tips does not say (necessarily) that everything should be cut. To repair them and prevent the forks from appearing, there are many treatments and products. The point with Vanessa Giani, head of training Jean Louis David. First victims of damaged spikes and forks, fine hair , from long to long, are the most sensitive. At issue are the repeated rubbing of the back and shoulders, the multiple attacks associated with styling and styling, and the resulting dehydration. If it is difficult to repair damaged…

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Dental care: the new rates

Dental care

By 2018, some dental care rates will change. Prices for dental prostheses will be capped while those for conservative care, such as the treatment of cavities, will be revalued. The new fee schedule for dental care will come into effect on January 1, 2018. Health Minister Marisol Touraine has decided to approve the arbitration award proposed by Bertrand Fragonard, Honorary President of the Court of Auditors. “She announced on March 9, 2017. This text is binding on liberal dental surgeons following the failure of negotiations between health insurance and their…

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